Tuesday, 29 of September of 2020

Frequently asked questions


Question: When did you start writing?


Lynn’s answer: I actually started seriously writing stories when I was in about fourth grade.

Even earlier than that I remember telling people that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up, so it was pretty early in life that I figured out that being a writer would be an awesome job.


Question: How did you come up with the name Dirkle Smat?


Lynn’s answer: When I first started thinking about my series of books I knew that I wanted my characters to have silly names. My idea was that if the kids in the stories had wacky, goofy names, then my readers would laugh and remember them.

So for days I thought a lot about what those names would be and all of a sudden the name “Dirkle Smat” just popped into my head. I think I have an unusual imagination.


Question: What was your favorite book as a kid?


Lynn’s answer: This is easy. When I was in fifth grade our teacher read aloud “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle and I was completely entranced. I read the book again by myself a couple more times and to this day I always think of that wonderful story when I talk about children’s literature. It contained all of the elements I love in a story – adventure, mystery, fantasy, smart kids, time travel, secret places …


Question: How did you get your books published?


Lynn’s answer: I did it the old fashioned way. Once I had written and re-written my first Dirkle book to the point that I thought it was as good as I could get it, I consulted the “Writer’s Market” reference book for a list of publishers. I scoured the pages and made note of every publisher that was looking for early chapter books and I checked out their websites and researched each one.

I initially sent my manuscript to twenty of those publishers, but they all came back with rejection letters. Then I sent out twenty more and finally got the call from Rock Publishing.


Question: Will you be writing more Dirkle Smat stories?


Lynn’s answer: Yes! The fourth book (Dirkle Smat Meets a Time Traveler) is already done and just waiting for the illustrator to do the cover art.

In the meantime I’m writing a non-fiction books for kids that explains why our states have the unusual shapes. Have you ever wondered why some states have knobs and boot heels and panhandles? There is an interesting story behind each state’s shape.

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