Tuesday, 29 of September of 2020


Dirkle Smat is not just a kid with a funny name. He’s an Explorer! I want you to meet Dirkle, Toonie, Quid, Bean and Fiddy – and join in their adventures. Watch for book four in which the Explorers meet a time traveler and get a chance to solve a mystery by traveling back in time.

What am I working on now?


I am researching and writing a book aimed at 4th and 5th graders that will explain the fascinating background of how our states got their goofy shapes. Have you ever wondered why some states have panhandles or boot heels? How did the states in the west end up large and box shaped when the states in the east are much smaller and have uneven borders? Who decided that the Upper Peninsula would be part of Michigan and not Wisconsin?

It turns out that you can’t learn about these borders without accidentally learning a little American History. Follow my blog to get some peeks into my ongoing research.


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